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A Magic Light Pad Every Diamond Painter Should Own


To create the perfect Diamond Painting, you need plenty of patience … and adequate lighting. Errors on your completed piece can ruin the entire picture, which can be a huge disappointment, seeing as you’ll usually invest many hours into completing one picture. 80% of diamond painting artists have concluded that working in lousy lighting conditions can lead to unnecessary mistakes, as they couldn’t see the symbol codes clearly

1. What makes our light pad magic?

According to a Harvard University study, hobbies or occupations like scrapbooking, tattoo rendering, sketching, drawing, or diamond painting are extremely difficult if your lighting conditions are inadequate, which in turn leads to costly mistakes. Moreover, working in these conditions for extended periods can lead to eye strain, anxiety, and stress. 

Working in poor lighting affects your vision and leads to tired, irritated, and scratchy eyes. Our recommended Magic Light Pad will eliminate these issues just by flicking a switch.  


light pad for diamond painting

2. Types of Magic Light Pads

There are various sizes and models available on the market, and it could be tricky to choose the correct one for your Diamond Painting hobby. You’ll need to consider your specific needs to ensure the light pad you choose meets your expectations. We delve into the features and specifications below.

2.1 Dimensions

If you’re a frequent traveler or often need to move your light pad from one location to another, the A4 size might be the best option. This light pad is lightweight, affordable, and a great starting point for most diamond painters still experimenting with the craft. The A4-sized light pad works well for small and medium diamond painting projects with the following sizes: 20x30cm, 30x40cm, and up to 40x50cm.

The size of the A4 light pad is 33 x 23.3cm (13.2 x 9.32 x 1.4 inches), and you can find more information on this particular sized light pad here.

If you’re looking for a light pad to use for larger sized canvases such as the 60x80cm and 70x90cm, the A3 light pad might be the better option, and the A2 sized light pad is perfect for canvases sized 100x120cm and 120x160cm.

The A3 light pad’s dimensions are 47 x 35x 0.5cm (18.8 x 14 x 0.2 inches) For more info, click here.

The A2 light pad’s dimensions are as follows: 60 x 40 x 0.8cm (23.6 x 15.7 x 0.3 inches). Click here for more information.

2.2 Luminosity

Any light pad worth its money should provide adequate illumination. Our recommended light pads feature three adjustable brightness levels, allowing you to dim or brighten the level of light that best suits your project.

light pad for diamond painting

2.3 Power Supply

Your light pad can be powered by connecting the device to any USB port or accessible electrical outlet using the supplied AC adapter.


2.4 Pricing

Our LED light pads are reasonably priced, making them excellent value for money. No diamond painting crafter should be without one. Get yours on Pretty Neat Creative today. We not only offer quality diamond painting canvases but an extensive range of accessories, like the A4, A3, and A2 light pads.

3. How is a Light Pad made?

The first step in manufacturing a light pad is the front surface preparation. A unique acrylic material is used to make the surface appear glass-like but is much more durable than glass and gives it a brighter appearance with force resistance.


Click here to view the complete video of the light pad manufacturing process.

The following step entails pouring glue on the back surface to which the reference grid will be adhered. This will enable you to view the small symbols on your Diamond Painting with greater ease and accuracy.


Being an electrical device, we make triply sure there are no errors and that the light pad will arrive in perfect working condition to our customers. We perform quality checks on every single light pad before it’s packed and shipped. We ensure that the surface is flawless, that the device charger works and is safe, and that all the LED lights are functioning correctly.


Then, and only then, will the light pads that meet all our checks be carefully packed and shipped to our clients.


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Sizes available A2, A3, A4

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