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Diamond Painting Glossary


Diamond Painting Glossary

As with any new hobby, veterans can throw around terms and abbreviations that can confuse a newcomer. Most of the terms used in the diamond painting kit hobby are fairly self-explanatory, but here is our glossary for terms you might see come up while making, buying, or discussing diamond painting.

1. Drills

    Drills are the actual resin gems that are adhered onto the surface of the diamond painting. Sometimes called simply “diamonds”, crystals, or gems. All of them refer to the same thing.

    2. Color Code

    The color, and its corresponding symbol that appear on the canvas to denote which color goes where. Some colors look alike, so be careful!

      Diamond Painting Glossary

    3. Cover

      This is the facing that is peeled back to work on sections of the diamond painting at a time. Be sure to keep the cover on until you are actively putting down diamonds.

      4. Tray

      Diamond Painting Glossary

      This handy little tool has lines molded inside, helping line up the drills face-up while you’re working. The pointed end is to help you pour the drills into a container.

      5. Setting Tool/Pen

      This specialized tool has a bevelled end that is perfect for picking up the resin drills. They are either round or square-shaped, and there are specialized tools that can pick up more than one drill at a time, handy for covering large areas.

      6. Full Drill

      These are kits that are made using only gems to create the image, including the background.

      7. Partial Drill

         Diamond Painting Glossary

        These designs only use certain parts of the canvas for gems, in order to highlight details or aspects that separate them from the background.

        8. Square Drills

        As the name implies, these drills are square in shape, which means when they are arranged in a line, there are no gaps for the picture to show through, making a seamless image like a mosaic.

        9. Round Drills

        These drills are circular, which allows for the edges to show through the gems, sometimes allowing more detail than a square drill image might have. This also means that any unevenness in the lines can be easy to spot, so keep that in mind!

        Think of a term we missed? Comment below and we’ll be sure to add it! And don't forget to click here to purchase a kit!

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        Jodi Mallan calendar_today

        Do the numbers/ colors for each drill remain the same throughout every painting?

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