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Diamond Painting Size Guide


Diamond paintings come in many different sizes, ranging from 12x8 inches to 64x40 inches. Large paintings are more clearly defined than small ones. The smaller the size of the painting, the less detailed the finished image will be, while the larger the size, the more realistic the image will appear.

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Diamond Painting Sizes

The most common diamond painting sizes are grouped according to small, medium, large, and extra-large, with each group containing several different dimensions. Medium diamond art paintings are the most popular because this size allows a wide variety of picture styles.

Medium sizes range from 16x16 inches up to 32x24 inches and are suitable for many different types of images. Medium-sized paintings are good for people who are gaining some practice at the craft.

Small and medium sizes are good for beginners because they can be finished quickly and beginner crafters won’t become discouraged by the time a painting takes to complete. Completing a diamond painting and seeing the finished product is satisfying and motivates crafters to want more.

Smaller diamond paintings are cheaper than larger ones because less material is needed for the canvas and fewer diamonds are needed to complete the painting. However, smaller paintings are less detailed than larger sizes.

Smaller sizes are suitable for paintings containing a single image or a landscape that doesn't need precise detail because the image is often pixelated, in small paintings, decreasing the clarity. 

More detailed images are better suited to large or extra-large paintings because the image will be clearer and more realistic. However, large and extra-large diamond paintings take a lot of skill, experience, and patience, so these painting sizes are recommended only for people who have practiced this skill and find smaller paintings easy. 

Diamond paintings of faces or animals are most suited to large sizes that display details of the features of each face or animal. Parts of a face, like the eyes or lips, are more clearly defined and are more precise in a larger painting.

Diamond Painting Small Size Kit after finished

Diamond Painting Size Chart 

Group Size Level Picture Type
Small 12x8 in - 30x20cm
12x12 in - 30x30cm
12x16 in - 40x30cm

Caroons, Landscapes, and images with low levels of details
Medium 16x16 in - 40x40 cm
20x16 in - 50x40 cm
20x20 in - 50x50 cm
24x24 in - 60x60 cm
28x28 in - 70x70 cm
32x24 in - 80x60 cm
Individual portraits, group portraits, landscapes, still-life scenes
Large 32x32 in - 80x80 cm
36x28 in - 90x70 cm
36x36 in - 90x90 cm
Advanced Detailed landscapes, portraits of more than five people
Extra large 40x40 in - 100x100 cm
48x36 in - 120x90 cm
64x40 in - 160x100 cm
Expert All images with precise details


Diamond Painting Canvas Size

Diamond painting kits include the correct-sized canvas, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right canvas size. However, it is possible to do a diamond painting on a canvas with a cross stitch pattern which means you’ll need to choose the correct size of the canvas.

To calculate the size of the canvas you need for a cross stitch pattern, first check the number of stitches in the horizontal and vertical lines. If this information isn’t written on the pattern, count the stitches across and down.

Check the size of your drills. Most are .25x.25 centimeters. Multiply the number of stitches by the size of the beads, and add an extra 1.2 inches (3 cm) for framing. 

For example, if the pattern has 250 vertical stitches and 200 horizontal stitches, 250 multiplied by .25 equals 62.5, and 200 multiplied by .25 equals 50. So, you need a canvas of 65.5x53 centimeters or 26x21 inches.

Make sure that you choose a canvas size that matches the picture’s aspect ratio. If the picture is a square, the aspect ratio is 1:1, meaning that all sides should be equal in length. If the vertical side is twice as long as the horizontal side, the ratio is 2:1.

If the ratio of the picture doesn’t match the ratio of the canvas, the picture will need to be cropped, which isn’t always successful because important details from the picture may be cut off. Therefore, you should always make sure that you choose the right size canvas for your painting.

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Which Diamond Painting Size Should You Get? 

If you are a beginner, start off with a small diamond painting to get the idea. Once you are more accomplished, you can move on to bigger paintings. Small paintings are good for images that don’t need a lot of detail.

Diamond paintings are a great activity for children because the action of placing the beads in position is excellent for improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Small diamond paintings are suitable for children who can’t concentrate on one activity for long periods.

Choose a medium painting for more detailed images, like portraits or animals, once you’ve done a couple of small paintings. Move onto large paintings that require even finer detail once you have done ten small or medium diamond paintings.

Extra-large paintings are suitable for experts who have completed many diamond art paintings and have the patience to tackle a bigger project because extra-large pieces take a long time to complete.

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I would like to create a picture from a picture and I would like it to be square drill however I need the actual picture to be 30 × 30 to fit in a memory box so what size do I actually order to get that? thanks Sha

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Any thoughts/suggestions on creating original bookmark diamond art?

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Hi! Lyna,
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