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Diamond Painting Tools & Accessories


Diamond painting tools and accessories like the application pen, diamond drills, and glue are basic tools that are necessary for diamond painting.

Besides the essential tools, experienced crafters can benefit from a light pad, organizer, roller tool, and magnifier.


An application pen is the most essential tool for diamond painting. There are several different types of diamond painting pens, including drill pens, wax pens, and drill wheel pick-up pens. 

An application pen is used to scoop glue and pick up the diamonds. 

Two types of diamond painting wax pen

Diamond Drill Pens

Diamond drill pens are included with every diamond painting kit and are a more traditional option. Use a diamond drill pen to transfer the diamond drill on an adhesive canvas with a color-coded scheme, then pick up a diamond crystal and drop it into position on the canvas. 

Diamond Wax Pens

Diamond wax pens are more practical because they apply wax directly to a diamond drill. These pens don’t have to be dripped in wax, eliminating an extra step in the diamond painting process.

When the wax stops coming out, sharpen the pen and continue painting.

Diamond Drill Wheel Pick-Up Pen

Wheel pick-up pens have an adhesive wheel on one end. Roll a wheel pick-up pen over identically-colored diamonds to grab several gems.

Use a wheel pick-up pen on large same-colored areas to speed up the painting process, however, this type of pen is useless in different colored areas with many details.


Creating a diamond painting wouldn’t be possible without an easily flattened canvas. A good canvas also has a high-quality adhesive to keep the diamond drills in place.

Pre-Printed Canvas

Pre-printed canvases come in standard diamond painting kits with basic diamond painting tools. These canvases feature many themes and designs, from cartoon characters to landscapes and more.

A pre-printed canvas is an excellent option for beginners because it eases them into the art of diamond painting.

Customized Canvas

Customized canvases allow the recreation of personal images with diamond painting. Diamond painting businesses can transfer personal photos on blank canvas using new technologies.

As long as it is a high-quality picture, individual canvases can be ordered or made into a part of a diamond painting kit. Read here how to design and order your own customized canvas. 

Blank Canvas

A blank canvas is a great option for creating unique designs and allows free painting. Instead of a pre-printed design, blank canvases only have a printed grid pattern for guidance. Most blank canvases come without diamonds, so gems will need to be bought separately.

Blank canvases aren’t for beginners because they require a lot of preparation and a higher level of experience with diamond painting.

Glue or Wax

Diamond Painting Glue/Wax

All diamond painting kits come with adhesive, whether it is wax or glue. 

The goal of using glue is to quickly transfer each differently-colored diamond to its location on the canvas. Once the diamond drill touches the adhesive on the canvas, the adhesive will pull the gem off the pen.

Drip the diamond drill pen in glue and use it to scoop up a diamond drill. There’s no need to reapply glue on the pen right away, so continue using the same droplet several times. 

Light Pad

Light Pad for Diamond Painting

A light pad illuminates all diamond drills from below, improving the visibility of the entire canvas. Light pads aren’t a must-have diamond painting accessory, but they reduce eye strain and make diamond painting easier for people with poor vision. 

A bright light pad increases efficiency and accuracy because it improves the view of the color chart that needs to be followed.

Light pads are lightweight, compact, and are usually powered by batteries or USB cables. Newer LED pads don’t flicker, which is a handy feature for people who suffer from migraines. Also, LED lights have a better lifespan, offering thousands of hours of continuous use.

Read more about our light pads here

Diamond Trays

Most diamond painting kits include a small tray that keeps gems close together and within reach. These trays are small plastic boxes with grooved lines where diamond drills are held.

Having a diamond tray means you won’t have to flip the gems every time to scoop them with a pen. Give the tray a light pat to flip the diamond drills on the right side for scooping.

While most diamond kits have a tray, diamond trays can also be bought individually. From large trays with compartments to trays with pen holders, there are many different diamond trays.

Diamond Organizer

Diamond Painting Handbag

Losing a diamond drill or placing an incorrectly colored diamond on the canvas are common mistakes in diamond painting. Staying organized is one of the best ways to prevent these setbacks.

A diamond organizer can help keep diamond drills and tools tidy.

Depending on preferences, choose between suitcase-style organizers with individual containers and screw-on lids or box storage containers. Or place diamond drills into small plastic bags labeled with corresponding numbers or symbols.

Extra Diamond Drills

Diamond painting kits have the exact number of diamond drills needed to complete the painting, but some may be lost or misplaced in the painting process. If this happens, it’s helpful to have extras.

Diamond drills come in two shapes — round and square — so make sure to order extra diamonds to match those in the diamond painting kit. If the diamond type is unknown, here are the three main styles:

  • Round diamond drills — are very common and easy to use
  • Square diamond drills — are tile-style drills that fit snugly on canvas
  • Aurora Borealis (AB) diamond drills — are round or square-shaped and create an iridescent effect, reminiscent of the Northern Lights


A magnifier isn’t an essential diamond painting tool but is helpful. Diamond painting requires exceptional hand-eye coordination and a magnifier offers more details. 

Use a magnifier to see where each diamond piece needs to go to minimize mistakes. Foldable magnifiers with small LED lights offer a clearer scope of tiny gems and are ideal for individuals with vision problems.

Roller Tool

Roller tools are essential when diamond drills don’t adhere to the canvas adhesive. Applying gentle pressure, roll this tool over a finished canvas to press the diamond drills. Use the roller tool to even out the painting’s entire surface.

Roller tools ensure all diamond drills adhere to the canvas and prepare the painting for framing.

Craft Table or Drawing Board

A comfortable craft table or a drawing board are fine diamond painting accessories. When deciding to invest in a diamond painting work surface, consider size, surface, and organization.

Look for a craft table with adjustable height and angles, so the table can be adjusted to suit each need. Diamond painting requires precision and focus, and hunching over a table can cause back and neck strain.

The table’s surface is another factor to consider. A glass surface is ideal for installing light below for maximum visibility or, opt for a wooden surface and a light pad.

Good organization is vital for diamond painting, so look for craft tables with storage compartments. Craft tables with shelves and storage bins are ideal for organizing tools and drills within reach.

Having storage compartments within a workstation allows all tools to be packed away from curious toddlers and pets.

Get a drawing board that tilts since it will prevent neck strain or bad posture. For an adjustable drawing board, use any type of table that is already at home.


Seal Diamond Painting

When the diamond painting is completed, use a sealant to hold everything in place and protect the work. A sealant is designed to harden a diamond painting and prevent diamond drills from popping out. Using a sealant will also give the painting more structure and sparkle.

Before applying a sealant, check the painting to see if the diamonds are clean and free of fuzz, pet hair, and other tiny particles. If necessary, use tweezers to remove debris and polish any details.

Use a roller tool to ensure all diamond drills adhere to the canvas. Changes cannot be made once the sealant is applied, so all drills must be in their place.

There are different diamond painting sealants, so read the instructions before applying. Instructions may vary depending on the sealant used, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • When using a spray sealant, apply it to a diamond painting two or three times and let the sealant dry. The spray is a popular diamond painting sealant because it’s easy to use and gives the painting a glossy finish.
  •  When using a glue sealant, dip a paintbrush in glue and spread a thick layer on the painting. Depending on the brand of glue, a second coat may need to be applied.

Read how to seal your diamond paintings here


Frames aren’t a must-have diamond painting accessory but can complete the work of art. There are standard-sized frames, stretcher bar frames, and art canvases.

Standard-Sized Frame

Standard-sized frames are the easiest to find and can be found at any art supply store, but many diamond paintings don’t come in the standard sizes of regular paintings.

When using a frame for the painting, don’t use glass as a covering, as the glass will protect the diamond painting, but it will also dull the sparkle.

Stretcher Bar Frame

Stretcher bar frames are found in many different sizes and shapes, making them ideal for framing diamond paintings. Measure the painting first and see if stretching beyond the edge of the frame or having a border is preferable.

Use staples and a staple gun to secure the painting in the frame. Ensure the stretcher bar frame has wall-mounting hardware to hang the painting on the wall.

Art Canvas

Regular art canvases can also serve as a frame for diamond paintings. Use an art canvas at least 2 inches shorter in length and width than the diamond painting.

Use craft glue to cover the art canvas and press it into the back of the diamond painting. Press the glued canvases together and leave everything to dry. When the glue is dried, hang the painting and enjoy.

Read how to frame your diamond painting

Which Diamond Painting Tools Should You Get?

Every diamond painting kit contains basic diamond painting tools and accessories. To complete a diamond painting, a canvas, drill pen, glue or wax, drills, and a diamond tray are needed.

These basic tools are everything that will be needed to complete the first project successfully.

For experienced diamond painters, a light pad, diamond organizer, magnifier, and extra diamonds will make the painting process easier and more enjoyable.

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