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How Diamond Painting Helps Improve Your Health


Diamond painting is an easy and enjoyable activity for crafters young and old. Based on the same concept as mosaics and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting uses tiny “diamond”-like facets to create colorful designs and patterns for finished designs that sparkle.

diamond painting

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

It's a busy go, work, (or lack of work), school, it can be overwhelming, putting ridiculous demands on our lives and well being. Diamond painting allows us to sit back and just breathe. We can do it alone or with a small group and feel the stress disappear.

Just like meditation, diamond painting also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety. It can be particularly effective for people who aren't comfortable with more creatively expressive forms of art.  People who are more guarded find a lot of tranquility in diamond painting. It feels safer and it creates containment around their process.

 diamond painting

2. Stop Snacking and Smoking! 

You will never think diamond painting could help you lose weight since you start it. Many customers gave feedback to us and got shocked with its advantage. 

"Didn't think diamond painting could help me lose weight I have lost 8lb since doing diamond painting as I have stopped snacking through boredom and doing something. I really enjoy" - Sharon Grant

"Diamond Painting helps me not smoke as much and control my anxiety" - Karen Wall

3. Trains Your Brain To Focus

Diamond painting help to engage the brain in being able to develop and follow patterns, so there is a logic involved. It's a self-induced state of focusing. 

The action of diamond painting involves both logic and creativity. We use logic when reading the pattern by picking a symbol and finding the color associated with it from the chart. This activates the analytical part of the brain. On the other hand, when we lay the tiles onto the canvas to make the pattern, we activate the creative side of the brain. This helps incorporate both areas of the cerebral cortex which control vision and help with coordination and fine motor skills.

huge diamond painting

4. Helps Your Fine Motor Skills 

Focusing on a task for a long period of time has been shown to improve concentration levels and hand-to-eye coordination. As the tiles are only 2.5mm, a lot of hand-eye coordination is required and developed in picking up the tiles with the tool to place on the canvas. 

5. Increases Your Social Circles

Community is something we all need and from what has been gathered, it is important to many of us in the diamond painting world. The internet has helped with that greatly. There are diamond painting groups everywhere-Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr to name a few. These online groups are especially important to those who are homebound due to various issues. It is an amazing feeling of oneness for someone to tell you, "Hey, I get it, I love doing that too." It makes us realize how connected we really are. 

6. Helps to Spark Creativity

Diamond painting also stimulates the brains right hemisphere, which is associated with creativity. Everybody needs a creative outlet of some form as it is such a great form of stress relief. Diamond painting will enable you to create stunning pieces of art, without having an artistic bone in your body with the easy to follow patterns.

huge diamond painting

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Bonnie J Berry calendar_today

Nothing makes Me relax more than doing the Diamond Painting. I have done about 80 of them. My Family loves the ones I give them. I have them all over the House. My Favorites are the Red, Black and White Phone Booths.

Nancy Gillilan calendar_today

I started diamond painting last November following shoulder surgery. I was getting bored and depressed. Diamond painting fixed that! And I found that I could learn to place the diamonds with both hands and not just my dominant hand! I also found that the canvas can be placed in multiple positions to reach the area needed. Snacking less and so enjoying the relaxation, creativity, and feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction as the picture unfolds! Feeling so blessed to have found this hobby!

Marilyn Y Wilson calendar_today

Since I work on an easel and light board with my project standing up, my right arm is constantly in motion. This has helped lower my blood sugar, which means less insulin needed and it lowered my A1c from 8.4 to 7.4. My doctor was impressed!

Karen Gausman calendar_today

I like to diamond paint because it helps me to forget about the world for a while. Also to stop chewing on my fingernails. When I worry I start chewing. It is a great hobby!

Janice calendar_today

It makes me feel relaxed and the out come of the dp is just a wonderful feeling that you were just taking you time listening to music in the peace a quiet of home and enjoying doing what you like to do. And when you finish the dp is a beautiful picture that yoy can keep or give as a gift

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