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How Does A Light Pad Help While Diamond Painting?


Diamond Painting is an addictive thing, of course! It's extremely easy but funny, relaxing, helpful to our health, both physical and mental. Guess that anyone who is reading this article must get hook on it, but everything is challenging if you just try to work on your own, without any important tool, and worse, it can cause you pain.

But first, What Is A Light Pad?

Every Diamond Painting Expert owns at least one but for a newbie, maybe you are wondering what it is. So here is your information: It's simply a thin, small device that helps your canvas lighten in the dark and improve your work in progress.

Light Pad FAQs

For all your pressing Light Pad questions, click here. Then, head back over here to read all about the benefits of using a light pad. 

The Amazing Uses of Small A Light Pad

1. Goodbye Struggling Light Condition

Night is the most peaceful time of the day and we know many of us love working at this time because it will help focus on your project and boost your speed. But it may cause trouble with the light condition. Or simply, it's not bright enough at your home and even with your LED Light, it's still a tough work in progress when you have to fight with small symbols on the canvas. 

Then just easily throw all these troubles away with a Light Pad. Just put your canvas on its surface and the Light Pad will lighten every small detail. Nothing to worry about the light anymore, whatever circumstance you are working in.

2. Exactly Locate Where Your Beads Should Be Placed

If the time you work with Diamond Painting is long enough, you may find out that the bigger the canvas is, the more detailed and sparkling your project turns out. Now, just imagine that you're working on a big one, size 60x80 or so on, the vast number of different symbols will confuse you, I bet. The first time I saw a 60x80 canvas I even got dizziness, LOL. And so, how can you work on it without any mix-up between the color? Sometimes different colors look so alike and even place nearly each other! 

A Light Pad would be the savior in this condition! Since it lightens every grid, it brings a more recognizable look for each symbol. So there will be much easier for you to differ the color and the mistake will be greatly lessened. This must be the reason why a Light Pad is always an indispensable item for every Diamond Painting expert.


3. Convenient to bring anywhere

You’re a Diamond Lover and you’re also a backpacker, you usually bring your project and work with it on the go. But, what if the place you visit is not bright enough? Traveling with a Light Pad must be the best solution.

The Light Pad from Pretty Neat Creative is extremely lightweight and there is nothing to worry about its space in your package. Your Light Pad will completely stay safe with a Light Pad Case or Protection Briefcase.

For all reason reasons above, sure that a Light Pad is worth every penny! If you’re a Diamond Painter and you’re intending to stay with this craft for a long time more, it seems impossible for you to live without a Light Pad, right? Ahh, if you’re now already an expert who always like working with the huge canvas and find that the A4 Light Pad is too small for you, then why not take a look at the A3 size? And all Essential Tools for Diamond Painting here, you can see something that helps you solve all troubles while working in progress.

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