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How To Boost Your Diamond Painting Progress?


Which size of Diamond Painting is the biggest one you’ve ever worked on? How long does it take you to finish? Weeks? Months? Or even years? And when you see the Diamond Painting experts share that they finish their 80x100 in 3 months only, do you wonder how they can and why you are so slow? If any, here we get all tips for you to boost your work in progress like an expert. “But I am now already an expert hmmm” Then we bet these tricks below will WOW you.


Set up your corner: We see that many painters don’t even have their Diamond Painting corner and every when they work, they go around their home to gather canvas, beads and tools. It’s definitely a time-killer. If you want to speed up your work in progress, you had better set up your Diamond Painting corner first. Well organize all tools and gadgets you need there and when you start your project, just sit down, everything you need is around your arm’s reach.


Don’t let tiny things bother: If you wear a long-sleeved shirt, roll your sleeves up. If you have smooth silky hair, put it up in a ponytail. Otherwise, those tiny fibers and hair will stick to the glue on your canvas.  

Stay focus on your canvas: The sound from neighbors or vehicles outside may distract you. Increasing your attention by listening to your favorite song. Time flies so quickly when you focus on your Diamond Painting only, your playlist will end with a big section finished.




Organize your beads: The last step for your perfect preparation and a smooth work in progress then must be your beads storage. We can’t find any Diamond Painting expert who doesn’t own a well-organized beads corner. Containing your beads in transparent boxes with DMC stickers not only makes your working place look more neatly but also prevents you from dropping or losing them. 


Use a large tray: You’re working on your project and the beads in your trays immediately run out, you have to stop for a while to refill. It’s okay one time but if it repeats, repeats and repeats? Bet you would be disturbed. A large tray must be the best solution in this condition. No need to repeatedly pour beads in the tray anymore and improve the speed of your project as well.

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Keep your tray in your reach: It’s a tip we learn from our experts. When working, you have to keep your tray as close as possible to your arm’s reach. If you let it too far, you have to spend more time moving your arm between the tray and the canvas. And we’re sure that no one wants to waste their time just to move.

Work with multiple sticky pen:  Working with the ordinary pen, you can only stick one diamond one time, a newbie may see it normal but there’s no expert work this way. Instead, they use a multiple sticky pen to get their speed 3 times faster.

Find your most suitable position: We have left-handed, right-handed, even ambidextrous person and each one has its own advantages. If you start your project at your disadvantaged position, it seems impossible for you to finish it quickly and beautifully. So, the starting point is also an important element for a super-fast work in progress. Can not locate your most suitable starting point? Here’s the information you need.  

Avoid your pain: Spending time on diamond painting means that you have to sit for long, long time and you may face some hateful neck, back or elbow pains. It will affect your work in progress, of course. How can you diamond paint with pain? Nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about, we have a whole article for you, just read this to know How to stay healthy while Diamond Painting.


Although we use all tips & tricks above to boost our progress, please remember that Diamond Painting is a taking-time craft. We can not fulfill a big canvas with thousands of small pieces in the blink of an eye. Just stay patiently with your project, enjoy your work in progress and usually update our blog to read more useful articles.

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Alice Young calendar_today

I am working on my first project from pretty neat. The quality is better and the canvas is much better . I can see the letters and symbols easier plus the image is the size I ordered. In the past the whole canvas would be the size I ordered so the actual image was smaller. I am very happy with the whole kit and would reccomend to family and friends. My only little thing was I only got one piece of wax . My image. Is 40 × 30 cm and I could have done with a couple of the was . I am doing the Guardian Angel . It’s a beautiful piece

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