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How to Design and Order a Custom Diamond Painting

How to Design and Order a Custom Diamond Painting

A Custom Diamond Painting Kit is a type of do-it-yourself art that allows you to create a painting of your favorite image using sparkling resin rhinestones. 

Pretty Neat Creative provides custom diamond painting kits. After you submit your photo, the company will send you colored rhinestones and a coded canvas for the photo, directing you where to place the rhinestones to create your own diamond painting.   

Custom Diamond Painting Kit can be purchased as a gift for somebody else or as a creative hobby for yourself. This guide will walk you through the process of designing and ordering a custom diamond painting kit step-by-step. 

Step 1: Upload a Photo

Visit the Pretty Neat Creative diamond painting kit product page. On the right-hand side of the product picture, click “Upload your Photo.” 

The following directions differ depending on whether you’re using a computer or laptop, or a mobile device:

On a Computer or Laptop

Selecting “Upload your Photo” will bring up a dialog box (Picture 2). 

 Picture 1

 Picture 2 

You can choose to upload from your computer (Local files), your albums on Facebook, or from Google drive. In this example, we'll select Local Files -> then Click "Choose a local file".

Select the image you want to upload and double-click the image, or click the image once and click “Open.”

Picture 3

Once you've completed your selection, you'll be redirected to a page that looks like the image in "Picture 4". Click Add to finish. 

Picture 4

The following page you'll see will look like the image in "Picture 5". Remember to select your preferred Picture Size and Diamond Shape.

Select Add to cart to finish.

Picture 5

Make sure the image you select for uploading is clear and high-quality. JPEG and PNG images are best. The minimum pixel size is 1000 pixels, and the aspect ratio of the photo should be 1:1; 3:4, or 4:3.

If you want to use a photo that isn’t saved to your computer, first save it to your computer, then visit the folder that the image is saved in and select the image. 

On a Mobile Device

After tapping “Upload your Photo,” you’ll be presented with some options : Choose from a local file, from Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, etc. Select "Choose a local file". (Picture 1)

Picture 1

After this selection, you will be presented with 3 options. (Picture 2)

-Take Photo: will enable you to take a live image or video to use as your photo (video isn’t recommended because a still image is required). 
Picture 2
- Photo Library: Select it and you can choose an image from an album on your phone. Select the image you want -> Choose -> And you will see the notification that the image is uploading.
Picture 3


Once completed, you'll be presented with an image as in Picture 4. Select "Add" to complete the image upload or "Cancel" to choose another image. 

Picture 4


Remember to select the Picture Size and Diamond Shape. Select Add to cart to complete. 

Ensure that your chosen image is high-quality, because this will allow for a clear, defined custom diamond image. Ensure the image is at least 1000 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 1:1; 3:4, or 4:3.

The process of selecting an image differs for Android, but the concept is the same — follow the prompts to select your images. 

Step 2: Select the Picture Size

Scroll down on the product page. You will see your image underneath “Live Canvas Preview.” Scroll back up to the “Picture Size” section, beneath the “Upload your Photo” button. 


There are around 20 picture sizes to choose from, which are listed in inches and centimeters. The recommended size is 20 by 20 inches, but if you plan to frame the image, choose a size specific to your available space and frame. 

Use a tape measure or a long ruler to measure your available space and decide which picture size best suits you. When you've decided on a size, click the box with the correct size details. 

Step 3: Choose the Diamond Shape

There are two diamond shapes to choose from in a custom diamond painting: round or square. Square diamond shapes fit closely together without gaps, while round diamonds have a spaced-out appearance due to their fit. 

Square diamonds cover up the background canvas effectively and create an authentic mosaic look. Round diamonds create a more three-dimensional look, and are more sparkly than square diamonds.

Consider how you want your finished painting to look when deciding on a diamond shape. Once you’ve chosen a shape, click the “Round” or “Square” box before moving on to the next step. 

Step 4: Checkout the Painting

Double check the image dimensions and diamond shape, ensuring that the information is correct. Double-check your image and make sure it follows high-quality recommendations. Check that the image on your screen isn’t blurry or grainy.  

When you’re happy with your order, click the red “ADD TO CART” button. A blue sidebar will appear, showing all the items in your cart. You can now continue  shopping or choose Checkout to complete your order.


To order more than one painting, follow step 7 (optional) before completing the purchase. 

After selecting Checkout, you will see a form prompting you to complete your contact information and shipping address => Continue to shipping

Choose Continue to shipping where you'll choose your preferred shipping method.  => Continue to payment



Complete the payment information, and select Pay Now to complete your purcase. Remember to fill in the Discount Code if you have a code before clicking Pay Now.



Step 5: Create an Account

If you’re a returning customer, login by clicking on  “Log In,” as instructed above the customer information section.


For new customers, Click on "Create an account" and enter your customer information, including your email, name, address, and phone number. This information is needed for delivery purposes. After you’ve added your information, your account will automatically be created with Pretty Neat Creative using the details provided. 

Step 6: Purchase the Painting

Provide your credit or debit card payment information, or select “PayPal” and follow the steps required to pay with PayPal. 


To place an order and pay for it later, choose Sezzle => Complete order.

Underneath the order preview, there is a box for adding a coupon code. If you have a code to receive a discount at Pretty Neat Creative, enter the code and click “Apply.” Make sure the coupon number is entered correctly, and that it is valid for your date of purchase. 

Click “Pay Now.” An email will be sent to your email inbox confirming the order and providing shipping details. 

Step 7 (Optional): Order Another Painting

To order multiple paintings, repeat the process from steps 1 to 4 after adding the first painting to your cart. Choose different images for each painting, making sure all chosen images meet the quality standards outlined in step 1. 

Don’t increase the purchase quantity from 1 unless you want to order two identical custom paintings. To order multiple custom diamond paintings, each with a different image, you should make a new order for each image. 

Don’t worry — once your initial order is in your cart, creating a second order on the product page won’t cause the initial order to change or disappear.

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