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How to Fix Diamond Painting Mistakes [8 Most Common Ones, Especially #8]

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Oh no! You’re working along on your sparkling diamond painting and something’s gone wrong. What to do? We’re here to try and help you solve your diamond dilemma. Here are a few common problems people have, and how to fix them!

1. My diamonds aren’t staying in place!

The drills, once applied to the adhesive on the canvas, are pretty resilient to bending and handling, however, from time to time a gem may pop off. Usually, it can simply be pressed back in place with the setting tool or a toothpick.

We recommend keeping the finished piece stored upright, and avoiding letting the adhesive dry out before you complete each section. A good way to do this is to cut the protective sheet into sections to peel up as you work.

 How to Fix Diamond Painting Mistakes

2. My diamonds are crooked!

This is a pretty common mistake while working with square drills, which need to be arranged in careful rows. If a row is askew, it can make the whole picture look a bit warped. But not to worry!

Take a set of tweezers or even the edge of a knife to nudge the drills into a straight line. Round drills are a bit more forgiving with their placement, but they can be nudged back in place. This can only be done while the adhesive is still sticky, so check each row as you go!

3. I put down the wrong color!

Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to carefully unpick them with a toothpick or tweezers. Unpicking colors is faster than putting them down, but be careful not to scratch the adhesive layer on the canvas while scraping them off.

Move gently, but do not be afraid to pull! Again, moving them only works if the adhesive is still tacky, so double check as you’re working. The best way to prevent this from happening is to stay organized.

You can label each color on the side with a sample gem to tell them apart, or work only one color at a time and keep the different colors in separate labeled bags. You can put the color number on each bag, and even the symbol it coordinates with.

While working, try to work with very different colors at a time. For example, once you finish a light blue section, move onto the green, other than another blue. It will help you keep track of your colors. One more solution that has been widely used by many expert diamond painters is tray organizer. This item allows you to work with multiple colors at once, especially handy when working on large canvases that require the use of an array of colors.

 4. I dropped all of my diamonds on the floor!

Oh no! The best way to gather them back up is to sweep them, but as they’re small, it’s best to use one of the simpler, modern sweepers. If you can, build up some static on the sweeping sheet. It’ll help attract the resin diamonds, which tend to stick easily with static.

How to Fix Diamond Painting Mistakes

The vacuum seems to be a good solution for our spilled guys, however it can be too bulky and may cause some hateful noise while working, you can really bear repeatedly working with it all day long? If you can’t, this Bead Spill Saver must be your savior.

5. I lost some of my diamonds!

That’s okay! We can provide our customers with spares so you can finish your project. Just contact us with what color was lost. We also provide kits with 477 different colors, so if you lose a few, you can have spares.

diamond painting beads dmc 447 colors - pretty neat creative

6. I rolled up my canvas and now it won’t unfurl.

It happens! One of the wonderful things about canvas, and about diamond painting in general is that the entire piece can be rolled up while on the go. However, sometimes it tries to spring back in place, which can be annoying.

Try rolling a rolling pin over the piece (with the adhesive still covered in the protective sheet, of course) on the front side and back side. When all else fails, tape the edges on all sides, all the way across, on a hard surface like a desk or even a cutting board if it needs to be portable.

If all else fails, putting it under some heavy books (or even under the mattress) should tame those curls in no time. Do not try to iron it! The adhesive will melt and stick to the iron.

7. I’m not happy with how it turned out.

Everyone reaches a stage like this in an art piece. Since diamond paintings work on such a small scale, it’s easy to get discouraged when one section looks strange. But step back and look at the big picture-- literally! These sparkling pieces are made to be viewed from some distance, enough that the eye can make the image from the shimmering stones.

8. I got too many diamond painting kits…

No such thing as too many!

Everyone makes mistakes, especially while learning something new! Thankfully, most of the problems found while working on a diamond painting can be solved by being organized before you begin. A little bit of preparation goes a long way!

What’s the worst disaster you’ve had while working on a diamond painting? How did you fix it? Comment below! 

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sue calendar_today

While working on my diamond art I placed a piece of paper on the glue base while I was working and it got stuck. I was able to remove it with wet alcohol. I think I removed the some of the glue and printed area for the diamonds. Please help.

Sharon calendar_today

I accidently used satin mod podge for last coat on my painting. What can I do to bring back sparkle? Will mod podge glitter or fine glitter help?

Shannon Slabaugh calendar_today

My boyfriend wanted to try it and accidentally mixed 2 very similar colors together. I still can’t tell them apart even though I already finished mine of the same diamond painting. I doubt there’s a solution.

Cynthia A Walsh calendar_today

My dog chewed it up cause he was mad.

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