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How To Measure Correct Frame Size?

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You spent tons of time perfecting your dazzling diamond painting and now it’s time to show it off! One of the best ways to immortalize your one-of-a-kind work of art is to frame it so that it becomes a permanent part of your home décor and so that you can admire it every day. 

However, when it comes to framing diamond paintings, you need to carefully consider which frame size will fit your canvas. This blog will give you some useful tips to choose the right one.

1. Types of canvas size

Currently, there are 2 main types of canvas size on the market:

  • High-quality Canvas: Canvas size would be picture size. With this type, the actual size of the whole canvas is equal to the picture size plus 6-8cm edges. (Canvas size = Picture size)

Ex: Canvas size: 40x50cm => Picture size: 40x50cm => Actual size: 46x56cm

*This type of canvas is used by Pretty Neat Creative and other high-quality brands.

  • Medium Canvas: Canvas size is equal to the picture size plus 6-8cm edges.(Canvas size > Picture size)

Ex: Canvas size: 40x50cm => Picture size: 34x44cm + Edges: 6cm

2. Two steps to measure frame size

  • Step 1: Measure your picture size.

Note: Picture size is the size of the pasting area covered with glue.

  • Step 2: Choose frame size based on the picture size. 

Tip: Frame size would be inches size. 

Ex: Picture size: 40x50cm => Frame size: 16''x20''

Currently, apart from traditional picture frames available on the market, you can also frame by yourself using simple DIY frames such as Inner Frame, U-nail Frame or Magnetic Frame.

We hope this blog helps you to have an insight into frame size. Besides, we also accept making custom frames following your request. So if you’re seeking a frame for your odd-size canvas, just contact us via our email to receive prompt support. 

Like always, any questions or comments you may have, feel free to drop them down below! Don’t forget to join PNC Community to share your WIP with thousands of other Diamond painters.

Happy Diamond Painting! ❤️

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Debbie calendar_today

I have a diamond painting I finished and the size is 35 CM by 35 CM but I don’t know what size frame I should get I tried a 12×12 but it didn’t fit so I don’t know what size frame to get can anyone help me thank you

Jeannette calendar_today

Yes this article helps. Thanks. I have another concern. The last dp l did with the fat cat and the little ones was so difficult because of the canvas l almost gave up. The canvas wasn’t sticky enough so when l tried to put a diamond down the canvas wasn’t sticky enough to pull it off the pen. I was so disappointed. I always order from you.

Martha Philbin calendar_today

great article on frames. Thanks!!

Denise Kelley calendar_today

When I frame my pics. I add 2 inches on all sides. This gives room for the matting.

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