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How to Tackle Diamond Painting Confetti


Diamond painting confetti is not the same confetti used at parties, but a section of the diamond painting that is made up of many different colored diamond drills. Painting the confetti section requires painters to switch frequently between different drill colors without losing sight of their next step. Though complex, the painting confetti section adds an intricate, beautiful aspect to the finished product, if painted with care. 

Work from Dark to Light 

Painting with the darker diamond drill colors first and then moving on to lighter-colored drills, is a useful confetti painting method that helps painters to work efficiently without losing their place. Dark drill colors are used to outline the confetti part of the diamond painting to create a guide to follow when painting with light-colored drills. 

Use Multiple Trays for Diamond Painting Confetti

The confetti section of a diamond painting is made of many colors, and painting this section is easy when the colored drills are organized in trays. Identify the main colors needed to complete the confetti section and put each drill color in its own tray. Organizing the drills before painting improves the painter’s process by saving them time when looking for different colors.

Use a Tray Holder for Multiple Trays 

Drill trays are easy to knock over, especially when there are many trays crowding the workspace. Keep the workspace clutter-free by using a tray holder to stack the trays and free up the workspace. A tray holder keeps the trays in one place so they’re easier to reach — a tray holder is a perfect tool for small workspaces.

Keep Trays Parallel to the Canvas

Place the tray with the current drill color parallel to the canvas. Keeping the trays within reach makes hand-eye coordination smoother. For example, when painting the confetti part using the darker drills first, place the tray with those drills nearest to the canvas.

Label the Trays 

Each color in a diamond painting has its own DMC color code — a color-printed code on the DMC color chart — which is usually printed on the side of the canvas. This color code guides the painter in which drill colors to use. Reference the DMC code to find the drill colors required in the confetti section. Use a marker to copy symbols from the DMC code for each diamond color at the top of the diamond tray. 

Having a symbol on the tray helps the painter find the correct color quickly while painting and keep everything in order when cleaning up after the session. Use rubbing alcohol to erase the symbols from the trays when finished. 

Take Breaks 

Painting the confetti section is taxing on the hand and the eyes. Take breaks at least every hour to stretch your body, let your hand and eye muscles rest, and prevent frustration or loss of focus. 

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