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How To Work With Inner Frame?

How to work with Inner Frame

You finally got it! Your Diamond Painting finished after a long working time. Can’t be more happy and satisfied! However, it has not been framed yet. It seems impossible for you to have your artwork framed on your own, or you just can’t get a big frame for your huge size canvas. You’re now struggling to find a framing solution that is customizable, affordable, and easy to do.

So here Pretty Neat Creative will bring you a new framing solution that only takes you some small step in a while to completely frame your own masterpiece! Now just scroll down to see How To Frame Your Diamond Painting By Inner Frame.

1. Preparation

All items you need to prepare before framing your artwork with Inner Frame:

  • Your Finished Diamond Painting.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Marker or pencil.
  • Inner Frame.

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Remember to choose the appropriate size Inner Frame for your Diamond Painting. At Pretty Neat Creative, we offer you any size of frame, which means that whether you have a super big or snack size canvas, we can still help you with the most suited one!

2. How-to

Step 1: Form the frame

Assemble the four wood batten together, in a moment we’ve already had a beautiful frame for our Diamond Painting!

Step 2: Strengthen your frame

Use the screwdriver to attach the L-shaped iron sheet to your Inner Frame to make it more solid.

Step 3: Frame your artwork

Spread out your canvas on the table and place the frame in the center position of the canvas.


Then use the pencil to mark the four corners.

Fold the four corners and fix them tightly with pins

And here it is. Your own sparkling masterpiece which has just been perfectly framed by yourself!

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Tammy Sellers calendar_today

Appreciate the tutorial, but it should be shown using a DP instead of a canvas print! How do you deal with drills that are on the edge of the frame? How do you keep drills from popping off that are bent too far?

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