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How To Work With Multi-placer?


Have you ever wondered how they can finish their big canvas in just some weeks while you spend a couple of months? You’re tired of your slow work in progress, and now you’re looking for something that helps you speed it up? 

Multi-placer, a very popular item to any Diamond Painter, absolutely works in this case and makes your working speed into an upper level. However, we know that many of you don’t even know how to use it properly. In this article, we’ll show you how to work with your multi-placer and sure that your Diamond Paint skills will reach a new stage with these small but useful tips.

1. What’s multi-placer?

If you’re a newbie to Diamond Painting, this question will come across your mind right when you hear about it, right? So here's a short explanation: Multi-placer is just a small accessory that you put on your diamond painting pen with the purpose of sticking several diamond drills and placing them on your canvas at one time. There are also some types of multi-placer: 3, 6, 9, or even 15, the bigger the number of your multi-placer, the more diamond drills you can stick on it. 

2. Start with the basic multi-placer

You can use the 15 multi-placer to stick 15 diamond drills on your canvas at once and that sounds amazing! However, if this is the first time you have tried to use this item, the first thing we recommend you is to start with the most basic one: 3 multi-placer. Putting multiple drills at once means that you have to be super careful to place them straight on the line. In this case, the 3-placer is a little bit easier to control than the bigger ones.

3. Use multi-placer on big and dark color sections

Don’t use a multi-placer on a confetti section, because it can only work best on the large and same color section. Switching color continuously while multi-placing even leads you to the worse work in progress. So that, before you decide to diamond paint with a multi-placer, make sure you pick the design with as little confetti section as possible. 

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Besides, Diamond Painting experts prefer using the multi-placer on dark color sections to light color one. Due to the fact that dark color sections show fewer gaps and imperfection that you may get while multi-placing. For light colors like pink, white, beige, etc, we suggest that you should use the checkerboard method for a better outcome.


4. Use a large tray

Using a large tray for an undisturbed work in progress is always a recommended tip by experts. In this multi-placer using case, it’s even more advantageous for a Diamond Painter. The first purpose we choose a multi-placer is to fasten our speed, and sure that you don’t want to waste your time just to stop working and pour the beads into your small tray. Moreover, the large tray is also easier to line up your beads which is a big help when you have to pick up several beads at the same time with your multi-placer.

If you’re searching for such a thing, just take a look at this Large Tray. With the size of 24.5*14.5 cm, it’s about two times bigger than the ordinary small tray, which makes it a useful helper for sure! 

5. Invest in high-quality Diamond Painting Kits

Price is always an important and influenced element whenever we’re considering any item, however, “you get what you pay for”.  The cheap kit can not come to you with high quality, we always hear about the damaged packaging, the creased, wrinkled canvas when we talk about a cheap diamond painting kit. Not just that, we also face the low-quality beads from those kits! 

All Diamond Painters say they’re frustrated with the non-uniform beads from the cheap kit. The different sizes between them make our Diamond Painters get stuck with the picking-up step. Invest your money in high-quality Diamond Painting is worth every penny!

At Pretty Neat Creative, we always offer poured-glue, soft canvas, high-quality beads, as well as the tool-kit with everything you need to diamond paint. Moreover, we also offer the Uh-Oh Warranty in every package, which means that we provide you with Unlimited and Free-Replacement Beads for the whole lifetime. Just enjoy your crafting time and wait to see your outcome, without worry about the quality!

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