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Ideas For Your Diamond Painting Organizer


Everyone who does diamond painting should have their organizer. Diamond painting organizers are great for sorting out your work, so it never gets lost. They will also be helpful if you decide to show off some of the art you created.

We recommend having more than one organizer if you’re serious about this craft. You could have one of them for your favorite work, for your most recent work as well as for any unfinished projects.

You can also have storage organizers, where you can keep your materials and different types of diamonds. These are must-have diamond painting tools. Diamond painting beads are some of the more ‘exotic’ crafting supplies and having them safely stored will benefit you in many ways.

Ideas For Your Diamond Painting Organizer

1. Organizer Ideas for Diamond Paintings

Organizers aren’t just useful for storing your past and present work. They can also help you organize other sorts of activities related to arts & crafts in general.

You can use them to store your diamond painting supplies and make sure that you won’t lose them or misplace any of your important materials.

Having separate organizers for different types of materials is preferable. After all, they are pretty inexpensive. One of our recommendations is the 28 Lattices Diamond Painting Box. This will help you store two dozens of different colored diamonds for your projects.

Ideas For Your Diamond Painting Organizer

Another great example is the Transparent Plastic Drill Storage Box Diamond Painting, available in different sizes, allowing you to store 64, 192 or even 448 pieces!

Ideas For Your Diamond Painting Organizer

2. Homemade Storage Tips

If you want to create the best diamond painting kits and have all your tools on disposal at all times, you will love these 4 tricks: 

2.1 Use Egg-Tray Cartons as Customized Cups. 

People are used to throwing away their egg cartons, but you can be different. In addition to saving the environment by recycling, you can also save money and time by reusing empty egg cartons as the storage material. Not to mention you will have a lot of creative freedom and fun if you decide to redesign them to your liking.

Plus, having a personalized diamond storage space will make you feel even more emotionally connected to your art. You can even combine this tip with the dryer sheets tip, by using the coating as the base and placing it upon the egg carton. You can easily do this with some glue, just make sure you don’t use too much of it as it will moisturize and damage the cartons.

2.2 Repurpose your Pillbox or your Spice jar

Because of its convenience, sturdiness and portability, a Pillbox would be an ideal place for you to store your beads. It also keeps all different colored beads apart and in case the box is shut, it does not mix the contents even if tilted or if it falls. Colors or numbers can be marked on the box itself for ease of use and accessibility

Like a pillbox, a spice jar is also a great idea for storing our sparkling beads. It's a popular and can-be-found item in every family, we bet there's at least one in your kitchen. Don't waste the old ones, because help you keep all the beads separated and available in one place.

2.3 Label Each Section.

Having too many different types of diamonds can be confusing. Some of them are exclusive to specific canvas types, and you wouldn’t want to waste time and resources by making that mistake. This is also a great tip if you’re saving some of your diamonds for a future project that you’re planning. If you’re forgetful, this could be a life-saver! Labelling will also help you feel more organized and save you a lot of time when doing actual work. Visual cues such as labels help your brain work faster and make you more focused.

Ideas For Your Diamond Painting Organizer


3. Conclusion

Many diamond painting enthusiasts have their storage organizers planned out. It helps to keep their favorite work and materials neatly laid out or stored away.

Buying your organizers is a great idea, but do-it-yourself repositories are also great. Plus, these will help you become a better all-around craftsman. Now, you can paint with diamonds kits in an organized fashion.

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Martha K Philbin calendar_today

For storage of extra beads after a project as well as a current project, I love the containers that resemble tic tac containers. They are easy access and easy storage as well.

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