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Round Drill or Square Drill?

round or square

If you are new to diamond painting, the question you will ask at least one time is: Round drill or square drill is better? 

Very simple. If you want a quick and extra sparkle, go “round”. If you want complete coverage and more detail, go “square”! 

Many people prefer using round beads because they do not require much precision and skill, it takes you less time to finish the project. Also, the result will be much more sparkle than any other drills due to 26 facet cutting.

Round drill project could be quicker, easier and more sparkling.

Besides, working with the square drills (beads) is actually a technical challenge because you need to place the square beads perfectly in straight lines without leaving any room for mistakes. But the result will just amaze you by the details! 

Square drill project could be more detailed, more "snap" satisfaction and more challenging.

However, each type of drill (bead) has a unique beauty, you’d better give both of them a try!

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Julie Howell calendar_today

I’m considering using some of my left over beads to decorate a t shirt for my granddaughter, what should I use to stick them on with & hope that they survive the washing machine?

DEBBIE GATNER calendar_today

This hobby is my biggest addiction yet! Very hard to stop once started.
I used to do needlepoint to cross stitch both counted & not & this comes along many years later & hits the spot. Thank you for this wonderful hobby & the amazing company you have.

Linda Johnson calendar_today

What does the magnifying glass in the corner of the canvas mean?

BRENDA GILSHENEN calendar_today

Hello, I Love Diamond Painting. It Takes all My Stress Away ,I Like The Round Diamonds, A Beautiful Hobby. Thank You

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