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What do you do with your finished Diamond Painting?


Well, you finally got here after all. With all the time you spent, the effort you paid, you must be so proud of your artwork now, right? However, your job has not done yet with just a full-of-bead canvas. You still have something to do to make it a true masterpiece. And if you don’t know what to do now, all detail you need is below.

1. Recheck the last time before framing

During your work in progress, you might be too busy to realize that there’re always little things like dirt particles, extra wax, or even your hair stick to your canvas. It’s okay when you just see your artwork on the table but the sparkle of the beads might be affected when you have it frame and hang on your wall. I bet that would be an unhappy experience for you! So first just make sure your canvas is clean, a soft brush is helpful for this step. 

Next, you also need to check for the missing beads. Missing beads on a finished Diamond Painting, it sounds weird, right? But it’s absolutely possible. Glue makes beads stick to the canvas but sometimes we may not use enough pressure to make them firmly stand. A Roller must be the best solution in this condition, take some rolls around your painting and your beads will be completely stuck to your canvas.



2. Seal and Frame it

Diamond beads can often fall off the canvas over time. The only way to prevent this is to use a sealant. The sealant can also stiffen up your painting, giving it some structure. This can make it easier to mount somewhere and store it without damaging the painting. We note all the essential information in this article: how to prepare, how to seal, some useful tips and tricks, etc. 

When you finish your sealant, framing must be the last step to make your artwork a true masterpiece. I know it may a little bit struggling for those who have your Diamond Painting frame the first time. But nothing to worry, a fully detailed guidance for you here. Follow every step and you’ll have a sparkling painting with frame.


3. What to do with it at last?

Decor your house with Diamond Painting must be the first answer which appears in your head when you think of this question, right? Brighten your corner with a sparkling Diamond Painting and contemplate the pattern you love every day would be wonderful. So, just your favorite corner at home, and make it brilliant with your artwork. 

Gift it is also the response we received much from our painters when asked them this question. Because there’s no present as significant and valuable as something that lovingly made by hand. A Diamond Painting would be a great gift for your beloved ones on their birthday or anniversary or any special occasion. Not only will they obtain a thing, but they will also feel your love and care for them. 


One more answer from our DP experts: sell it. For those who love this 5D art but have no time to work on it, a finished one and already framed would be an ideal item. And for expert painters, who have done a warehouse of Diamond Painting, earn some money from them is not a bad idea. Nevertheless, remember that the effort you paid on your project is priceless and nonrefundable. Carefully consider before making the decision on selling your own artwork. 


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Martha L Philbin calendar_today

i have framed my paintings in several different ways. My husband has made wooden frames for me that look fantastic. We then came upon the magnetic frames, and they work very well for a less formal look. I have also just painted the edges a contrasting color and put them up. All is your own personal taste.

Nancy calendar_today

I just finished my 1st diamond painting and am starting on my 2nd. I am realizing that I should have noted the size when I purchased them. They are 25cm x 25cm. I cannot find a frame for this size. Now what do I do?

Karen Saager calendar_today

What kind of sealant does one use, and where can I get it?

Mrs Jackson calendar_today

I have tried several different suppliers of diamond art with mixed success. The main complaint is that the colours do not match the picture and I have been disappointed so many times THEN I found Pretty Neat and Their pictures are the best I have found. They are sent with a picture to check on as you go. They are also friendly and caring to their customers. Thank you Katy D. Susanne

Gayle calendar_today

I received “Piano Girl” after waiting anxiously for it — and it was well worth the wait! This is the most high-quality diamond painting kit I have ever purchased, and it is such a beautiful “painting”. The packaging and the gems and the tools and the pattern and the canvas are fantastic! I will be ordering from your company again and again!

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