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What Is the First Thing to Do When You Receive Your Kit?

  1. Hold your horses! Don’t throw away the external packaging. Our Customer Support Team would need it as a reference for order verification purposes.
  2. Check the canvas if it is in good condition
  3. Do an audit for all the beads to make sure all the colors are complete
  4. Check the tools if they are complete

What are the items included in my kit

  • The canvass to work on
  • Beads sorted accordingly with their codes
  • DMC reference (A4 size paper which works as the answer key between the canvas symbols and beads)
  • Diamond Painting Pen
  • Drill Tray
  • Gum adhesive

Help! I am missing some beads for my picture!

No worries, our friendly Customer Support Team is ready to help.

You can either place an order for a missing bead request by making sure you got all the order details ready.

Missing / Replacement Diamonds - Square & Round

Indicate the following information in order for us to proceed with your request.

  • Choose Diamond Shape (Round/Square)
  1. Round
  2. Square
  • Code of the bead and the quantity of packets separated by a comma
  • Example: 310 - 1, 333 - 2, 303 - 1
  • Your order number
  • #12345 (Your PNC order number consists of 5 digits)
  • Exact name of the picture that is lacking beads
  • Example: Rose Cat 5D Round Diamond Painting

Take a clear photo of the diamond painting, circle the DMC color codes which are missing and write down the missing quantities. You might wonder why we need this if you can just tell us what beads you need. It is very essential because this is our way to confirm if the order was placed in our store and it also shows accurate information of how many packets are needed to complete the picture.

 Don't forget to order your custom Diamond Painting kit here.

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