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What To Do With Your Spilled Beads?


If you’re reading this article, you’re doubtless a Diamond Painting Addict and you must know the amazing benefits for both mental and physical health that this sparkling art brings us. Unfortunately, there is no flawless thing and Diamond Painting either. Some struggles always happen while working in progress which may cause us anxious and spilling-beads is one of the most common hiccups on the list. However, don’t worry a lot, it’s not an irreparable mistake! Here we show you some small tips to know What To Do With Your Spilled Beads. 

1. Manually Gather Them Back

It’s the easiest and quickest way but it can only use when you’re working on the table. That’s when you’re diamond painting your canvas and your careless elbow unintentionally touch the edge of your diamond tray, and… “Uh-Oh”. Just use a Fixed Tool or any flat-surface stuff in your reach, put your tray below the table edge and simply sweep the spilled beads to the tray.

2. Use A Vacuum

You can only manually gather your spilled beads back when they’re on a table, then what to do if they spill on the floor? The most recommended in this case is to use a handle vacuum with the low setting. If you don’t want your beads to lose the sparkle and reuse them, remember to take a cut off your nylon stocking, put it on the vacuum hose with a little inside of the hose. Hold on tight to nylon and suck up all the spilled beads. Pull out nylon and empty in the container to sort the beads out and maybe a little dirt.

3. Use A Bead Spill Saver

The vacuum seems to be a good solution for our spilled guys, however, just imagine that they may spill not once but numerous times a day, if there are always kiddos or kitties around your home. The vacuum is too bulky and may cause some hateful noise while working, you can really bear repeatedly working with it all day long? If you can’t, this Bead Spill Saver must be your savior.

With its super magnetic attraction, you can easily collect all the spilled beads with only one hand. It’s so small and convenient, you can put it right on your working place or bring it anywhere, it’s ready for you to use any time. More than that, this item is specially invented for diamond painting, its containing plate is suitable for any kind of diamond beads, so there’s no worry about losing sparkle.

What if my Spilled Beads mixed up and can’t reuse?

This situation can totally happen when you work with several trays at once. After picking up, it seems impossible for you to sort every color and reuse them. Then what to do with those mixed-up guys? You can create a funny crafting with them, you can see some which are made by our painters to refer.

Don’t forget that every order from Pretty Neat Creative is always supported with missing beads. If you don’t have enough beads to finish your Diamond Painting, just feel free to contact us, we’re willing to help.

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