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Where To Start A Diamond Painting


Starting a diamond painting from the correct place is important to make the process go smoothly and avoid confusion. The place to start a diamond painting is different for right-handed and left-handed crafters because of the way a person moves their arm across the canvas. 

Most crafters start the diamond painting canvas from the top, which is a good place to begin the work. Starting the painting from the top makes it easier to move around and switch between colors. Beginning at the top helps ensure the bottom stones don’t slip or drop from being weighed down. It’s also easier to lift the plastic cover on the top of the canvas and put it back when a part of the painting is finished, which helps keep the plastic sticky and protects the finished work.  

Many crafters prefer to start a diamond painting with a certain color and then move on to the next. But this method can quickly become tiring and confusing, causing the crafter to move their arm around too much and possibly stick to the finished drills. 

Starting a Diamond Painting for Right-Handed Crafters

For a right-handed person, the easiest place to start placing the drills on a diamond painting is in the bottom-right corner of the canvas. 

Starting from the bottom-right helps a right-handed person move quickly, peeling the plastic cover up as they move forward on their painting. The bottom-right corner is also a good place to start for a right-handed artist because it allows the crafter to move the arm in a way that avoids sticking to the freshly-placed drills.


A right-handed crafter can also start the painting from the top-left corner of the canvas. Starting here allows the plastic to be moved down with each completed section. Also, starting from the top-left corner allows a right-handed person to avoid ever placing their arm over completed work, always moving away from the finished sections.

Starting a Diamond Painting for Left-Handed Crafters

Left-handed crafters work differently, which is why it’s best for them to start a diamond painting from either the top-right or bottom-left corner of the canvas. 

Starting the work from the top-right corner allows the left-handed artist to conveniently peel up the plastic cover over the painting as they work. Starting from the top-right corner also prevents the crafter’s arm from touching the drills that have just been placed. 

A left-handed crafter can also start the diamond painting from the bottom-left corner. This way, the crafter’s arm always moves away from the finished drills, and the painting stays intact. 

Completing small sections of the same color while moving across the canvas helps complete the painting quicker. Start with four-by-four sections of the same color, then move to another square next to the completed one. This tip works for both right-handed and left-handed crafters. 

Please reach out to our friendly support staff if you need any further assistance. 

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Annelle calendar_today

I go from top to bottom, but I just pull down the plastic cover about 2 inches at a time and fill that in. This works for me.

Right hander calendar_today

The first picture I started, I started from the top left. I soon discovered this didn’t work for me. Found it uncomfortable, I am right handed. Changed to bottom right, this felt more natural. Finished my picture working diagonal up and across.

Mary Johnson calendar_today

I always start my diamond paintings in the upper left corner and work one color in a 40×30 area, then the next color from the corner, etc. When finished with that area, O use my alignment tool to straighen up my rows across, then up and down. I am left handed.

Sharon Beedham calendar_today

I’m doing a 80X120 square diamond painting but they dont look right on the canvas it just doesn’t look nice and the edges of the diamands have edges on them I got them from homfun can you help me please thank you

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