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Why Diamond Painting?


In a world with so many ways to create images-- printing, painting, sewing, embroidery-- heck, even burning onto wood!-- why is it that diamond painting is growing so much as a beloved pastime? Why choose this method of craft to depict these images? With most blogs explaining the how, what, and where, let’s look at the 3  ‘why’s of diamond painting. 

1. Attention to detail

Why Diamond Painting

Like embroidery enthusiasts, diamond painting is much beloved for its detail-oriented execution. Each color and stone has a precise place, and many diamond painters get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing every single one to its place.

The larger the images, the more detail and color variations there can be! Each image can have 30, 40, or even 50 individual colors! It’s hard not to be delighted by seeing all of the little gems in their packaging. 

2. Diamond painting is tactile

The nature of diamond-painting is very hands-on, which is appealing. Regular paintings feel flat to the touch when finished, but diamond paintings are bumpy and interesting, and the dedication to time and precision are easily seen and understood. (Even if you did move faster by using a multi-tool!)

For people who enjoy sensory experiences, diamond painting is great. It appeals to to almost all five senses-- the sound of the tiny diamonds clattering about in the tray, the sight of the pretty colors, the touch of the pen and resistance of the glue picking it up.

Now, all that’s missing is taste, and while you obviously don’t eat any of the diamond painting parts, there’s still the matter of your personal taste! Thankfully for that, there’s hundreds of designs to choose from for any style.

3. Diamond painting is relaxing!

Sometimes crafting can be frustrating-- pulling out stitches or sanding off mistakes-- but diamond painting is so easy and fun that it’s hard to mess up. (Not that it can’t happen!) The low-pressure aspect of diamond painting is relaxing and can help with meditation. Many people who have tried diamond painting love it for its calming quality. And then in the end, it creates a beautiful, sparkling piece!

Why Diamond Painting

4. Diamond painting is versatile.

When your piece is complete, there are many options for what can be done with your work. It can be framed, sewn into a wall hanging, made into a pillow… you name it!

Why Diamond Painting

5. Diamond paint… anywhere!

As long as you have a flat surface, diamond painting can be done anywhere, and the supplies can be easily closed up and traveled with.

At Pretty Neat Creative, we always want to see what you have come up with. Share your creations in the comments below!

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