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About Us


How Pretty Neat Creative Came To Be


Hi. I’m Katy, and I’d like to expand a little on how Pretty Neat Creative came into existence.

In 2016, my mom was diagnosed with a digestive disorder. After undergoing corrective surgery, she was home-bound for many months and was unable to leave her small apartment. The isolation and restricted movement started manifesting as stress, anxiety, and mild depression. With the hope of shifting my mom’s focus, I bought her a few crafting kits to keep her mind and hands busy.

My mom quickly found an outlet in these kits and immensely enjoyed the creative freedom she found in them. I realized that many other people would also benefit from the healing power in these kits, and I found myself on a mission! I researched the crafting niche as a whole, and decided to hone in on Diamond Paintings in particular. After many months of research, and with the assistance of two energetic and dynamic friends, I decided to give back to others what my mom had so richly received. I wanted my fellow crafters to find as much joy and meaning in these projects as my mom had, and became the proud owner of Pretty Neat Creative. My, and your, crafting journey had begun!

Vision and Mission

With a global vision in mind, we set up a small team of dedicated team members to run the administrative side of the company. Our main offices are in the US, and our primary suppliers are situated in China. Our products are shipped worldwide, and we are proud to announce that we have many satisfied customers from all over the world. Geographical locations do not deter us from supplying you with the best-quality Diamond Paintings available on the market!

Our mission is to bring pleasure and delight to people’s lives through creativity, inspiration, self-expression, and good old-fashioned fun! Pretty Neat Creative strives to provide easy-to-use, top-quality products to our clients. We aim to continue growing our fun-loving Diamond Painting community, where we share knowledge, tips, and motivation, while providing excellent customer service and making a creative difference in people’s lives.

Exclusive Values

We’re continually striving to improve ourselves, our products, and our services. If you order from our store, you receive nothing less than the best!

  • Premium Quality: Our products are manufactured with the tiniest detail in mind, and we aim to provide the highest quality end-product.
  • Trendy and Unique Designs: You’ll always find the latest and most up-to-date designs at Pretty Neat Creative. Our designers devote time and energy to bringing you the latest trendy and unique designs to pick and choose from.
  • 365-day Warranty: With most products you buy online, you’ll have a 30-day warranty to return your defective product or request a refund. We are thrilled to offer our clients a 365-day warranty – no questions asked. And as an added bonus, if you should complete your canvas and be unhappy with the finished project, we will offer you a gift card to purchase a replacement canvas.
  • “Uh-Oh” Warranty: A common utterance – “Uh-Oh” when you drop a bead or diamond! We provide an “Uh-Oh Warranty,” which promises you unlimited and free replacement beads – no questions asked, no proof required, no fees charged! Feel free to reach out to our responsive customer support team if you should require any replacement beads.
  • Expert and Friendly Customer Support: Our friendly customer support team is always available and willing to help whenever you need to reach out to our company, and we promise to reply to your query within 8 hours. You can reach us through various channels. Please see our Contact Us page here.

Worldwide Community

Our clients love joining our global community Facebook page, where everyone has a like-minded love for crafting and Diamond Painting in particular. Crafters the world over love to share their stories, completed projects, hints, and tips with us and others. Here you’ll get to be part of a community, expand your network, be notified of any specials and discounts, and meet new friends. Please come join us today!

Pretty Neat Creative Team
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