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Please note: Make sure to enter a valid PayPal email address or else we cannot pay you. A completed and signed W-9 is required for tax purposes, if your annual payouts exceed $600.

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Online purchase with processed valid payment

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Program Benefits:

  • 20% commission for each new customer sale! (minus discount deductions and excluding shipping, taxes, refunds)
  • 15% discount offered to every new customer you refer
  • Bi-Weekly commission paid out to you via PayPal ($20 required minimum).
  • Sales tracked in 2 ways to maximize your earnings:

  1. Personalized Link - When your audience member clicks on your personalized link, a cookie is placed in their browser. If a new, unique customer completes a purchase within 30 days, we automatically credit the commission to your account.
  2. Personalized Coupon - When a new, unique customer uses your personalized discount coupon at checkout, the commission is automatically added to your account.