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Order Tracking

If you would like to track the progress of your parcel, please input your tracking number into the box below. If, for some reason, the tracking number does not work on the first try, please try option 2.

You’re also welcome to get in touch with our friendly customer support staff through the following support channels:


If you’re worried about where in the world your parcel finds itself, or about any conflicting tracking information, you’re welcome to read through our most commonly asked questions below:

✅ The tracking number shows as EXPIRED? Not to worry, your parcel is still in transit. The carrier was unable to update the tracking information on time due to high volumes of parcels shipped.

✅ The tracking number shows UNKNOWN, or only “Logistics order created” for over a week? Your parcel could have become lost in transit or had a different tracking number allocated by the carrier. Please reach out to us on one of our support channels to receive an update on this issue.

✅ The tracking update isn’t showing any updates or movement? Your parcel is still in transit. It has probably arrived in its destination country but is experiencing customs delays due to the pandemic.

✅ Different Shipping Carriers 

  • The tracking number starts with 3A5Vxxxx
    Please select CNE carrier.
  • The tracking number starts with JCTxxxx
    Please select JCEX carrier.
  • The tracking number starts with 1Z94xxxx (18 digits)
    Please select UPS carrier.
  • The tracking number starts with 8xxx / 1xxx/ 3xxx/ 4xxx… (10 digits)
    Please select UPS carrier.
  • The tracking number starts with 17xxxx (12 digits)
    Please select UPS carrier.

⚠️ Rest assured that we have your best interest at heart with our 365-day warranty available to you

  • You have a whole year to ask for a refund or return a product you’re not entirely satisfied with.
  • We even go as far as to offer resends or refunds for partially or fully completed projects which did not yield the result you were hoping for.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times, and for remaining a loyal and supportive customer of Pretty Neat Creative. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We love to help!